NcEdit is a software to edit and transfer CNC programs to and from the CNC machines.


NcEdit is the ultimate tool for the modern CNC programmer. The program is extremely user-friendly and uses all the standard windows functions.


NcEdit communicates with most of the controls on the market, both new and old. If the controller accept drip feeding (sometimes called TAPE MODE) you can use NcEdit to run programs that are to big to fit in the controllers memory.


The editing functions are specially adapted for editing of CNC-programs. Color-coding, re-sequence, com-pare of two programs smart printing and a very versatile communication module makes NcEdit to one of most popular editing tools on the market. One of the most popular func-tions is the way the software organize your programs. It gives you a quick way to find a certain program.

Macro functions

Macro functions are built in in NcEdit, they generates G-code from dialogs, You simply an-swer questions in a dialog box and the macro generates the code for you.Pictures can be linked to every macro that explains the function. We have ready made macron for Fanuc, Haas, Brother and Hei-denhain. All the macro functions are open so you can modify them or cre-ate new ones to suit your needs.

Cutting data

A cutting speed and feed calculator is integrated in NcEdit. Just enter the necessary parameters and the calculations are made instantly.


MicroTech StellaData have more than 30 years of experience in CNC-communication and have setup instructions and cable configurations for most of the controls on the market.

User friendly

  • CNC adapted editing
  • CNC communication
  • G-code organizer
  • Macro functions
  • Scripting
  • Smart printouts
  • File compare
  • Color-coding of G-code.
  • More than 3.000 licenses sold in Sweden
  • Windows 7/8/10 32/64 bit compatible

For more information visit NcEdit's own website.