TC Comm

TC Comm is a software to transfer ISO and converison CNC programs to and from Brother TC machines.


TC Comm is a communication software especially developed for communication and file transfer with Brother CNC machines, either useing the serial port (RS-232) or using the network (TCP/IP) if the Brother machines support that.

File transfer

File transfer from / to the machines is handled from the PC and is easy to to use thanks to a very user-friendly interface.


MazView supports all Mazak models, T1, T2, T3, T4, T+, T32, 640T, M2, M4, M32, M+, 640M and up to the latest. Several machines can be connected to one computer with different presets.


TC Comm communicates with the Brother CNCs using the serial COM-port or over the network with TCP/IP. It handles both the Protocol 1 and protocol 2.

NC files

TC Comm can store both ISO programs and Conventional program that has been created in the machine. TC Comm gives you the the opertunety to add an extra comment (file comment) to the conversional program that may be used to clarify what the progarm is, e.g. adding a work order number. This file comment will not be transferred to the machine but will only be stored in the files.

Production data

TC Comm is able to download and store production data and other files like system log-files.


>If TC Comm is used for multiple machines you can have different machine presets which can be named freely. Every preset stores communication settings, type of communicationand and where the files are store and so on.
The settings also contain a list of presets och different machine models to make it easier to connect and configure.

Supported Machines

TC Comm communication file transfer works with all the current known Brother CNC machines.

Here's an example of Brother models that TC Comm works and are tested with:

  • TC-22A
  • TC-31A
  • TC-201 (Conversion)
  • TC-211 (Conversion)
  • TC-215 (Conversion)
  • TC-217 (Conversion)
  • TC-218 (Conversion)
  • TC-221 (Conversion)
  • TC-225 (Conversion)
  • TC-227 (Conversion)
  • TC-228 (Conversion)
  • TC-229 (Conversion)
  • TC-311 (Conversion)
  • TC-321 (Conversion)
  • TC-323 (Conversion)
  • TC-324 (Conversion)
  • TC-32B (Conversion & ISO)
  • TC-S2A-0 (Conversion & ISO)
  • TC-S2B-0 (Conversion & ISO)